Surprise Backpackers London

Surprise Backpackers Hostel London

This hostel is closed down.

I will write down all the information we got. There reason I keep this post open is; the hostel is renovating at the moment. Actually, it is under improvment constraction for 2 years. Who know the story? I heard that they will open in some point in future so lets keep this post open. At least google searchers may find some answers. Read the reviews below please.

Surprise Backpackers London is closed down

Surprise Backpackers is situated in Westminster, just 35 minutes from London Heathrow Airport. It is located a short walk from the Apollo Victoria theatre.

toria Theatre and Westminster Cathedral.

The hostel offers 10 comfortable rooms that are ideal for travellers on a budget.

Surprise Backpackers has an on-site pub where patrons can socialise while enjoying a casual meal and a drink.

Surprise Backpackers is surrounded by the area’s sightseeing attractions, including John Lewis Department Store, Tate Britain and the Vauxhall Bridge, which are within walking distance. It is within a 20-minute stroll of Vauxhall Bus Station and Victoria Coach Station, which allows for easy access in and around London.

Suprise backpackers london reviews

January 2018:

“You may be surprised to discover that it is in fact closed down completely, along with the pub below it. Has been for over 2 years. Still, there has been renovations going on recently so it may reopen again. There is a kebab shop next door so, if you happen to be staying in the area and you are hungry and drunk enough, then this may prove useful.”  jimmy neutron – Reviews – Google

Surprise Backpackers London is closed down

4 years ago:

“I stayed in this hostel for 2 nights some days ago. Of course one cannot expect a lot, I only paid £11 for the night in a room for 6 people, ladies only. The rooms are not big, they have bunk beds for three people. And they are really unsteady; as soon as anybody anywhere in the bed moves you fear the whole bed will break into pieces. But for me this entirely okay. The staff was quite nice, they also offered breakfast for free. It was nothing special, you could have cornflakes with milk or toast with jam.
The toilets were also okay, but I have to say that the showers really shocked me! They were completely mouldy! Black, noxious mold everywhere along the ceiling and in every corner you could look at. And you could also smell it. I mean, some mold in some corners, well, what do you expect from a hostel for this price! I would not complain about it, no one stays in a hostel’s shower for long. But this was beyond anyone’s tolerance. They should really do something against it.

Well, and now, one thing that everybody should be aware of: There are BED BUGS in this hostel! I was lucky that people in cheaper rooms were hit harder by bed bugs than we in the ladies room. And I mean… this can happen to every hostel or hotel in every price range. But what really, really made me angry: The staff already knows about this problem, but instead of prompt action they simply put the people who complained into other rooms!! They did not do ANYTHING against the bugs! One actually should close the rooms immediately, and take on a vermin exterminator! It is really difficult to get rid of them, and it is absolutely irresponsible to even help spread them. Because they hide in luggage and clothes, they can even travel with you home.
So thanks a lot Surprise backpackers for the nice stay, I still have to deal with the consequences 5 days after my stay; freeze all my clothes or wash them at at least 120°, and throw away my suitcase as I fear bug’s eggs in any cracks of the suitcase. And it is nearly impossible to find them in there.”  Cara M – Reviews –

Surprise Backpackers London is closed down



Surprise Backpackers London is closed down

Address : Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster SW1V 2RP, UK

Telephone : +44 7786 072011


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